telework in the corona + in the post-corona times

there are business design opportunities:
**reduce office rents and expenses
**retrain: join the digital revolution
**reduce commuting: traffic problems + pollution + time lost
**some businesses, factories, warehouses need a business
     space: minimize your spaces with some teleworking
**schools + churches + non-work groups live in a web of spaces
**hotelling: using non-office meeting spaces: homes, cafés,
     restaurants, parks, holiday resorts, conferences
**telework during strikes, bad weather, emergencies
**staff retention + job benefits (people want it)
**otium et negotium: there is nonwork + work: your job + your
     part-time job + your hobbies + your play + your cause
**managers spend half their time in meetings: telework
**more comfortable physical work environment @home
**children @work
**no everyone can telework, work in an office, or do the job
**a telejob description has to be measurable with deliverables

design your future: design your present:
2.virtual meetings

1. more telework
50% of staff can telework
some offices can be 20-30% occupied (a rotated staff)
touch base physically @office: once-a-week, once-a-month
flexible work hours, flexible job description

computer-based home working expenses
company supplies computer
plus company allowance for additional supplies
or a company issues Canadian FORM T2200: Declaration of Conditions
of Employment
for employee tax-deductible expenses

new office (home) cleaning protocols:
hepa filters for clean air circulation
disinfectants, wipes, temperature tests + testing kits
2-3 m social distancing (any mask is good)
mask culture: sick people do not spit, sneeze, cough on people
hands-free door handles (hand-washing culture)
no handshakes, hugs, cheek kisses, ET CETERA (except for
your nearest and dearest)

2. more virtual meetings:
Zoom. Skype. Skype for Business. WhatsApp. GoToMeeting. cell phone. email.
chat. instant messaging. Google Hangouts. Cisco WebEx. Google Meet.
(the new gold standard is: email: everyone has it,
it's simple, documents are attached
+ there is an easy RECORD of what happened:
backup everything in email,
summarize everything in email,
use email for constant feed-back)

virtual project management
Trello. Asana. Basecamp. microsoft Project.
or customize your own simple PM timeline, moneyline.

virtual meeting:
share documents. share your screen. share links.
company training. manager training. company videos
webinars. chat rooms, virtual lunch.
Word. Excel. Powerpoint. whiteboards.
projects. reports. surveys. exams. testing.

virtual classroom. virtual library. camera pictures.