Good Business Design.

Starbucks is a good business design. But it's not the coffee. It's not the over-priced sweet treats. It's not the Starbucks service. It's not the Starbucks banter and chatter. It's not the brand name. I'm personally not impressed by any of these things in Starbucks. But I go there.

Somebody designed a place where you can go. Where you can take a girl. Where you can meet a business client or a co-worker. Where you can take your little son. And you're willing to wait in line, when you normally hate line-ups. Somebody designed this business model and did it better than the competition. And that is a difficult business model to execute.

There are other examples of businesses that beat the competition: Porter Airlines, Virgin, the Beatles, Mother Teresa, Google.... They provide a similar product or service in the marketplace, but they are consistently better than their competition at all the little and big things that happen in a business to form the overall experience. The secret is that many competitors refuse to do that extra amount of work/design/management/investment necessary: most companies are disappointments to their users. And that makes it so much easier for a good business design to survive in the very competitive business world: we do more and they do less.